Agile, connected & digital: best practices for shaping your Digital Go-To-Market (DGTM) strategy

Over the years, digital technology has become foundational to any retail organization, transforming many parts of the product value chain, from concept to sell. The recent pandemic has not only accelerated this trend, but also exposed key areas of friction within the go-to-market landscape, where many processes are still dominated by documents and plagued by an overall lack of interoperability between various point solutions. The resulting pain points and inefficiencies are increasingly affecting organization's ability to scale digital processes and maximize their ROI on various digital transformation initiatives. 

In order to meet this emerging challenge and help achieve a true end to end digital value chain, A digital go-to-market strategy is needed. In this webinar, we will explore the key components of a DGTM strategy and discuss the new technology imperatives for tomorrow's leading brands and retailers.

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Tuesday July 26th / 1pm EST


  • Bailey Heckley, Design and Merchandising Technology, Ralph Lauren

  • Brian Lindauer, CTO VibeIQ

  • Ben Conway, CEO/Founder / Vntana

Key discussion points: 

  • What pain points are we trying to address and what teams are left behind?

  • What have companies done during covid to address collaboration, what have they learned?

  • How can we achieve an end to end digital asset workflow?

  • What are the business drivers of a DGTM initiative?

  • What are the benefits, how do you quantify them and measure ROI?

  • What are the key capabilities required to support a DGTM initiative?

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